Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics

BIO-ICT mission is the development of modular and state-of-the-art BIO-ICT R&D platform in the areas of sustainable agriculture, monitoring of the crops, forest and water/sea ecosystem, development of techniques for controlling and reducing air pollution, analysis and standardization of food products, control of land quality, and improvement in the public health area. A new pilot system is currently under development. It is service oriented with the aim to boost the application and use of the latest ICT technologies in the areas of agriculture, marine biology, environmental monitoring as well as health, smart object, transportation, energy, etc.

BIO-ICT aims are oriented on R&D&I in ICT for reduction or environment friendly fertilization, spraying and irrigation, increase of farm productivity, reducing human involvement for laborious tasks, helping to make precision farms more sustainable and efficient ecological monitoring. We will realize IoT/Cloud/Big Data open platform for precision agriculture and ecology monitoring application with potential for extending on different social contexts. Specific requirements that will be addressed include multiple sensors and devices linked with big data analytics and cloud data management. The research will address technological issues in big data application scenario such as wireless sensor networks with combined three emerging technologies IoT, SDN and Fog computing. This implies ease of deployment, cost and energy efficiency, "five 9" reliability, flexibility and perceived "zero latency" when it is needed.

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  • 22-03-2017
    Printing of Promotional Materials for BIO-ICT
  • 21-03-2017
    Request for Expressions of Interest for a Business Developer
  • 07-03-2017
    XXII International Scientific & Expert Meeting “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2017“
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  • 17-06-2016
    World Bank visit
  • 15-06-2016
    Eighth Management and S&Ad Boards Meetings
  • 30-05-2016
    Start-up training "BI4ICT" successfully completed
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The BIO-ICT project is funded by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro under the World Bank loan. The project duration is from June 2014 to June 2017.